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Why does it hurt so much when someone you care so much for and about, is going through a really tough time, yet you feel helpless to do anything for them ..... You want to draw along side of them, give them a ear to talk into, a shoulder to lean on, an arm around them for comfort, allow them to vent all that is hurting them, anger, frustration, unloved, not feeling wanted or trusted.... they can say what ever they want to you, both good and bad, but i wouldn't take offence cuz i'd know that it wouldnt be aimed at me. just be getting it in the open so that the healing can start.... all I want to do is help tender, sooth, love, appreciate them, render aid too the deep wounds that are hurting them so badly, be here/there for them day and night... to help with the healing....
You know who you are.... please let me help you
My mood: very low

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